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How does it work?
To use Facebook with text messaging, compose a new text message to the phone number 266, and send fb.com in the body of the message. The first time it will prompt you to visit this page to connect your phone and Facebook account. This is done by clicking the link above in the blue box, logging into facebook.com, and authorizing the connection with DOTGO. Then you'll receive a 5-digit PIN and instructions to text fb.com and your PIN number to 266 (ex. fb.com 12345). Once complete, texting facebook.com to 266 will provide access to your Facebook account.

How do I reply to a menu?
You can simply reply with the numbers next to the menu items that appear in parentheses. For example, to check out your news feed, reply 3 from the main menu.

Are there any navigation shortcuts?
Yes. Any of these commands can be texted to 266:

  • fb wall
    Pulls up your wall with the most recent posts displayed.
  • fb news
    Pulls up your news feed.
  • fb events
    Pulls up events that you're RSVP'd "I'm attending" to.
  • fb notifications
    Pulls up your most recent notifications.
  • fb friends (+ name) [ex. 'fb friends mark zuckerberg]
    Pull up a friend's profile.
  • fb status (+ update) [ex. fb status updating my status via SMS!]
    Updates your status with the word or phrase after "fb status". In the example above, "fb status updating my status via SMS!", only the phrase "updating my status via SMS" would be posted to your profile.

If you forget the shortcuts, you can always find them by texting fb to 266 and then replying 8.

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How can I log out?
Log out of your Facebook account by texting Facebook reset all. To log in again visit http://tigo.dotgo.com/en_rw/ to reauthorize your phone.

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