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How does it work?
To use foursquare with text messaging, compose a new text message to the phone number 266, and send in the body of the message. The first time it will prompt you to visit this page to connect your phone and foursquare account. This is done by clicking the link above in the blue box, logging into, and authorizing the connection with DOTGO. Then you'll receive a 5-digit PIN and instructions to text and your PIN number to 266 (ex. 12345). Once complete, texting to 266 will provide access to your foursquare account.

How does foursquare know my location?
Your location is based on your last check in. If you're checking in from a city that's different from your last check in, you can change your location by replying 3 from the main menu.

How do I reply to a menu?
You can simply reply with the numbers next to the menu items that appear in parentheses. For example, to look at recent check-ins by your friends just reply 1 from the main menu.

Are there any navigation shortcuts?
Yes. Any of these commands can be texted to 266:

  • foursquare at (place) [ex. 'foursquare at accra mall']
    One-text check-in. This shortcut will check you into the first search result (in this example, the first search result for 'accra mall'). The search is based on the location of your last check-in, and adding the street name or postal code to the search will help refine the results [ex. 'foursquare at kfc accra']. By performing this search on, you can find out which venue will most likely come up first in the search results when using this shortcut. This command checks you in publicly, but does not broadcast to Twitter and Facebook.
  • foursquare checkin (place) [ex. 'foursquare checkin kfc']
    Drops you into either the venue listing so that you can check in or the venue search if there are multiple locations (i.e. Kfc).
  • foursquare tips
    Pulls up tips nearby from your friends, based on your last check in location.
  • foursquare profile
    Pulls up your profile where you can do things like check out your mayorships, history, or badges.
  • foursquare todo
    Pulls up your to do list.
  • foursquare reset all
    Use to revoke your phone’s authorization (this will require you to re-register your phone with a new pin if you want to use foursquare SMS again).

If you forget the shortcuts, you can always find them by texting foursquare to 266 and then replying 6 for help.

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